how do I view or release SPAM emails?

"HELP! Some emails sent to me from the bank or our insurance company is doesn't come through. I don't see it in my spam or junk folder. How can I see the blocked emails"?

Some automated registration emails are sometimes blocked if the sending server isn't configured properly and our server sees it as spam.

To see, and whitelist any blocked emails, send a blank email to asspblock@{yourdomain} - i.e., from an email address on the particular domain on which the emails are blocked. 
You can also view and release spam emails in your cPanel, in the "ASSP Spam Filter". Futhermore, you can change the score setting to a lower level if you feel that it's too aggresive. Please read the HELP section, found in the top right corder of "ASSP Spam Filter" for more information.

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