Server migration to new data center

On Friday, 5th August 2016 we will be migrating our hosting infrastructure to our new infrastructure at Teraco, Isando.We are scheduling a maintenance window between 21:30 pm Friday 5th August 2016 and 06:00 am Saturday 6th August 2016.During this time all servers will be shutdown and the infrastrucute will be migrated to Teraco. Downtime will be ... Read More »

9th Jul 2016
Emergency Maintenance Cloud VM's & Downtime

================================================================UPDATE: All the servers are up and running again. The disk resync was successfull and everything is running as expected again. ================================================================The consistency is 50% complete.We are slowly bringing up the servers. Once again we ... Read More »

31st Jan 2016
Web Server upgrade on all servers

We will be performing a web server upgrade on all the servers, on Friday 31st October 2015 @ 22:00. The upgrade is essential to ensure perfomance enhancements and security updates. Please ensure your website scripts are up to date and compatable with PHP 5.5.30.==================== UPDATE: 31 October 2015 ====================The web servers have ... Read More »

26th Oct 2015
Web server upgrade

We are going to upgrade the Web server software on the 31st July 2015, to the following versions:

Apache -> 2.4.12
PHPH -> 5.2.27

Please ensure that your website is up to date and compatible with these software versions. 
The update is necessary to ensure security and speed enhancements on the servers.

17th Jul 2015
Another Revslider vulnerability found

Attention all Wordpress users! If you're using RevSlider, or a theme with RevSlider built-in, it's time to update again, due to a vulnerability in the Revslider code.

18th Jun 2015
RevSlider Vulnerability Leads To Massive WordPress SoakSoak Compromise

Are you using Revslider on your Wordpress website? It could be infected with malware!

14th Jan 2015
Black Friday Special - Get 50% discount on Web Hosting

For today only, get 50% Discount off any web hosting package + domain registration.This time of year, the Americans take time out to celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Black Friday is the start of USA's holiday shopping season. For today only, get 50% lifetime discount on any hosting package + domain registration. Head over ... Read More »

28th Nov 2014
Email services affected due to problems with other ISP's ADSL networks

We have had numerous reports, mainly from the Cape Provinces, that email isn't working. Upon investigation, we have learned that some ISP's have reported problems on their ADSL networks on the 17th November 2014. The problem still persist and we don't have an ETA for when these ISP's will have their networks fixed. Please contact your ISP for more ... Read More »

20th Nov 2014
New pricing structure for domains

ZACR (ZA Central Registry) have taken over the domain name space asof 1 August 2014 and the new pricing structure are as follows:

New Registration - R120 per year
Domain Renewal - R120 per year
Domain transfer - FREE

Current domains will be transferred to the new ZACR platform and prices adjusted accordingly.

13th Oct 2014
Credit Card payments put on hold

We regret to infor you that our Credit Card payment option have been disabled until further notice. Our Credit Card payment company has been taken over by another company and the system we used to rely on has been disabled on their end. aAn update will be posted here as soon as our Credit Card payment option will be active ... Read More »

10th Sep 2014