As a follow up to last week's email, titled "Has your personal details been hacked? READ this!", the following security measured have been implemented for your protection:

  1. 2 Factor Authentication (2FA in short). This is the most important security enhancement to protect your data on our servers. With 2FA, you need to supply a time based token in order to access our billing portal. This is very similar to a "One Time Pin" that most banks use. Even if someone manages to get your username and password, they won't be able to access your account without the 2FA token.
    1. In order to use 2FA, you need to download Google Authenticator onto your phone or tablet. Depending on your which mobile device, you can download it on Google PlayiTunes or Microsoft Store
    2. Once installed login our Billing Portal and click on Security Settings, in the top right menu under your name. 
    3. Now click on the green button, "Click here to Enable" to enable 2FA.
    4. Follow the steps on the screen and scan the barcode, using Google Authenticator on your cellphone or tablet.
    5. That's it! Your account is now more secure and every time you login to our Billing Portal
  2. All our servers already run Secure Certificates, in the form of SSL or TLS on all the services. In other words, when you access your cPanel, webmail, POP3 mailbox, IMAP mailbox, send mail through SMTP or access your website via FTP, your connection to the server will be encrypted.
  3. Our web servers also encorporate an extra layer of security which will automatically block most types of Brute Force password cracking attempts on popular website scripts like Wordpress, Joomla!, etc. Although it will protect most brute force attempts, it may not necessarily block them all. So you still need to incorporate your own website security measures.
PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend that you use 2 Factor Authentication. Without it, if someone gets your password, they can access your account and do all sorts of damage on / to your website, email accounts, and company image. 

Please feel free to open a support ticket if you need help with any of the security measures outlined above.

Monday, October 30, 2017

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