Help! I cannot access my cPanel, Webmail, email or website!

It could be possible that our firewall has blocked your IP address, and then cPanel access could be limited as well. 

Not to worry, you can unblock your IP address, by logging into our billing portal, and then click on Support > Unblock IP Address. 

The script should detect your public IP address automatically, and allow you to unblock your IP address. 


Please note: Your IP address might be blocked again, incase the root cause of the block wasn't rectified. 

Some factors which could cause an IP address block might be:

  • An email account which is not being used on the server anymore, might still be active on your computer, laptop, cellphone or tablet. This inactive email account might trigger a firewall block, if the firewall detects continues failed login attempts. Please look and see if any email accounts, or email applications keep asking for a password. In this case, either change the password in the cPanel, and on the email application, or disable the email account on your PC / laptop / cellphone / tablet. 
  • You might have forgotten your cPanel, Webmail, Email or FTP account passwords. Continues failed login attempts will trigger a temporary firewall block. The firewall will clear the temporary blocks automatically after 30 minutes. If, however your IP was blocked temporarily, more than 4 times, a permanent block will occur. 
  • In some cases, if your computer might have some infected files, and you upload them via the File Manager in cPanel, or via FTP, the firewall might block your IP address, in order to protect the server and other accounts from the virus. 
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