We are going to upgrade all our server's software to the latest stable version of each respective application as listed below:

PHP: 5.6.23 (View release notes / ChangeLog)
Apache: Apache 2.4.23 (View release notes / ChangeLog)
MySQL: MySQL 5.6 (View release notes / ChangeLog)

In the near future, MySQL will be upgraded to the improved "MariaDB 10.0" database engine. 

Please ensure your website applications are up to date for compatibility and security reasons. You can update most applications, like Wordpress / Joomla! /  PrestaShop / etc through Softaculous, found in your cPanel. 

If your website is custom build, we highly recommend that you read through the release notes / ChangeLog for each web server application, to see what has changed and might need to be updated in your application.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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